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Individuals who desire more radiant skin trust personalized chemical peel facial treatments with exfoliating solutions for a clearer complexion.

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For the best results from chemical peel treatments, GLANZ Aesthetics provides you with numerous options. Your personalized chemical peel with exfoliating solutions (such as glycolic, salicylic, lactic, and trichloroacetic acids) will reveal smoother, healthier skin. At our Doral, FL office, Dr. Linette Rivera offers chemical peel treatments that help to remove skin flaws, like wrinkles, fine lines, scars, dry patches, hyperpigmentation problems, and more. Chemical peels dissolve dead, damaged skin cells by using an individualized solution on the skin that causes the upper layer to slough off. When your skin heals and starts to repair and rejuvenate itself, you should see a smoother, clearer complexion. A chemical peel treatment is a noninvasive procedure to make your complexion luminous and may be used for the neck and face.


At our Doral, FL office, we offer chemical peels in different levels (light, medium, and deep) to accommodate our patients' skin care concerns and goals.

Light peels: You can receive a light chemical peel on your lunch break and get back to your routine. This level of peel will remove the outer skin layer (the epidermis), giving your complexion a brighter appearance and a softer texture. We typically recommend that you get a light peel around once a month for the ideal glowing results.

Medium-depth peels: This type of peel reaches deeper into the skin, and you'll generally decide to have this strength of facial rejuvenation treatment during an extended weekend. You may also need to prepare yourself for more discomfort during and about an hour after treatment. Medium-depth peels are for patients who have significant damage to their skin, including deeper lines and darker pigmentation problems.

Deep peels: The strongest of the three types of peels is the deep peel treatment, and it does require the lengthiest recovery time. This is an aggressive procedure that could leave your face swollen, peeling, and itchy for several weeks. Patients who have a deep peel generally have age or dark spots, sun-damaged skin, prominent acne scars, and deep-seated scars. As this strength of chemical peel is generally uncomfortable for most patients, we may provide you with an anesthetic as a part of your procedure.

During your appointment at GLANZ Aesthetics, we will have you lying in a relaxed position to administer your treatment. A team member will make sure your skin is cleaned prior to applying the personalized solution to your face, neck, or both. We will spread the solution onto the skin and let it set for a specific amount of time, which will be determined in your chemical peel consultation. Then, we will clean the peel off your face and apply a neutralizing agent. Patients may want to bring a light sunscreen and/or a hat to wear outside following the peel to protect from UV exposure.


If you are new to treatments to rejuvenate the skin, GLANZ Aesthetics will help you find the perfect pampering for your needs. Your newly refreshed skin will respond by looking radiant and caressingly smooth. Contact our office in Doral, FL to make an appointment for your skin assessment for a chemical peel treatment.

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