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IV Hydration

IV hydration safely delivers liquid vitamins and nutrients into the bloodstream to boost a patient's immune function, energy levels, and wellness.

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GLANZ Aesthetics in Doral, FL is excited to offer IV hydration therapy or hydration infusion. This holistic treatment uses an intravenous (IV) tube to deliver a fluid mixture of essential vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream. This delivery method enables the fluids to circulate through your body at a much faster rate than drinking fluids can. It provides rapid hydration to boost energy, supports muscle recovery, removes toxins from the body, and more. To book an appointment with Dr. Linette Rivera, call our office today.


At GLANZ Aesthetics, we supply several different IV combinations that can be tailored to your unique goals. At the consultation, Dr. Rivera will discuss if you would be a good candidate for the treatment considering your concerns and medical history. There can be a number of improvements from vitamin IV hydration, like:

  • Enhanced sleep cycles
  • Increased energy and mood
  • Healing of inflammation
  • Elevated metabolism
  • Better immune health
  • A healthier, glowing complexion
  • Smoother recovery from workouts


IV hydration therapy is performed on-site at GLANZ Aesthetics in Doral, FL. It usually takes about 30 – 45 minutes, and most patients will experience the full benefits in about 2 – 4 hours afterward. First, the injection site will be gently cleaned with an alcohol swab, and the IV will be inserted directly into a vein in your arm. Each hydration therapy cocktail is uniquely created to suit the patient's needs. Your unique combination of vitamins and minerals will be developed after an initial consultation with Dr. Rivera.


IV hydration is a customized treatment that can be used to help patients with various health needs. This treatment is fully customized to you to enhance your memory, mood, energy levels, and much more. Dr. Rivera enjoys witnessing the beneficial improvements this simple treatment can make in any patient's life and looks forward to sharing the advantages of nutrient IV therapy with individuals throughout Doral, FL.


Hangover Cure:
Experience our effective IV drip for treating dehydration, jet lag, fatigue, dry skin, headaches, and nausea, perfect for those on the go or recovering from a night of indulgence.

Immune Booster:
Boost your immune system and safeguard against colds, viral infections (including COVID), sinusitis, and post-surgery recovery with our immune-boosting IV drip. Feel your best while maintaining optimal hair, skin, and nail conditions.

Optimal Fitness:
Enhance your gym performance, accelerate recovery, and promote muscle mass growth without adding extra calories. Our IV drip is favored by fitness enthusiasts for pre and post-workout sessions, marathon training, and cross-fit workouts.

Anti-Ox Glow:
Unlock the secret to youthful radiance and reduced hyperpigmentation with our IV drip rich in glutathione, the body's most potent antioxidant. Strengthen your immune system and support cellular health while combatting the signs of aging.

Forever Young - NAD+:
Rejuvenate both your physical and cognitive health with our NAD+ regenerative therapy. This IV infusion aids in DNA repair, metabolism regulation, and protection against oxidative stress, the primary cause of premature aging.

*Intramuscular option available for at-home injection.

Skinny Drip:
Kickstart natural metabolic weight loss and burn excess fat with our IV cocktail. Watch as stored fat is converted into energy, helping you achieve a toned and lean physique.


1. NAD+:
Maximize cellular function, DNA protection, metabolism, and healthy sleep patterns with this essential coenzyme. Experience boosted metabolism, reduced inflammation and pain, improved focus and memory, and enhanced immune response for optimal neurological, muscular, cardiometabolic, and mental health.

2. Glutathione:
Harness the power of the body's most powerful antioxidant to combat oxidative stress, chronic inflammation, autoimmune diseases, and support heart health. This IV shot helps reduce wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, detoxify the liver, and protect against pollutants and toxic metals.

3. Carnitine:
Optimize energy production, accelerate metabolism, increase energy levels, and promote weight loss by converting fat into usable energy.

4. Zofran:
Combat nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, and acid reflux with the effective relief provided by this medication.

5. Vitamin C:
Boost your immune response, improve digestion and iron absorption, reduce joint pain, stimulate collagen production, and accelerate wound healing. Experience overall improved skin complexion and decreased inflammation, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and cancer risks.

6. Vitamin B12:
Support the health of blood and nerve cells, reduce fatigue, boost metabolism, and prevent certain types of anemia. Recharge your energy levels with this essential nutrient.

7. MICC (Mixture of Lipotropic Products):
Accelerate metabolism, eliminate stored fat deposits in the liver, detoxify, enhance mood, improve nutrient absorption, and promote lean muscle development with this blend of lipotropic substances. Unlock your body's full potential.

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