GLANZ Aesthetics Academy is an aesthetic program taught by Dr. Linette Rivera in Doral, FL to teach all about the aesthetic industry.

Have you been dreaming of a career in aesthetics, or are you searching for a way to elevate your current health and wellness practice? Look no further than GLANZ Aesthetics Academy (GAA), a state-of-the-art aesthetics program led by our very own Dr. Linette Rivera. As an internationally recognized expert in the field of aesthetics, Dr. Rivera travels the world to train and educate providers on the most cutting-edge tools and technologies available today, but GLANZ Aesthetics Academy brings this opportunity straight to Doral, FL providers – just like you.

Once you step through the doors for your first day at the GLANZ Aesthetics Academy – hosted in the fully equipped GLANZ Aesthetics headquarters – you’ll dive right in to exclusive, customized coursework designed by Dr. Rivera. Throughout your training, you’ll gain invaluable knowledge and hands-on experience in the areas of aesthetic laser treatments, combination therapies, cosmetic injections, skin treatments, health and wellness, and so much more. In addition to technical training, Dr. Rivera will share her first-hand knowledge, tips, and tricks on how to build a successful aesthetics practice – and avoid common pitfalls – based on her near-decade’s worth of experience.

Upon completing your training, you will receive a beautifully designed certificate of completion from Dr. Rivera and our GLANZ Aesthetics team! Even more importantly, you will be rewarded with the best things – THE KNOWLEDGE and TOOLS TO SUCCEED!

Graduates of the GLANZ Aesthetics Academy feel empowered and invigorated. Whether you’re hoping to build, grow, or expand your practice, your time at the GLANZ Aesthetics Academy can help you achieve your goals. Working side-by-side with Dr. Rivera and aspiring providers like yourself, the GLANZ Aesthetics Academy program may be the life-changing opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Advanced Injectable Technique

All students are welcome at the GLANZ Aesthetics Academy, from physicians to nurses to laser technicians and more. Even if you are just starting on your journey as an aspiring aesthetic provider, the GLANZ Aesthetics Academy’s doors are open to you.

Don’t wait another day, month, or year to take the first step toward a new and fulfilling chapter in your career. Register today!


To sign up, you can simply click the "REGISTER NOW" button above or email us at You can also visit our social channels and send us a DM if you are interested! You can reach us at (305) 434 - 8354 and ask to speak to Dr. Rivera.

The GAA courses will be held at the main office for GLANZ Aesthetics in Doral, FL.

2000 NW 87th Ave Suite 201, Doral, FL 33172

Read Reviews by Past Providers and Doctors Trained by Dr. Rivera!

"My practice was trained by Dr Rivera on 2 different laser devices over 2 days. She was very easy to communicate with prior to training and she provided us with a list of necessary supplies, so we were ready to go when she arrived. She was incredibly knowledgeable on both devices and taught us how to use each handpiece on our models. She never rushed us or had us move on to another handpiece until we felt comfortable, and she felt we were trained correctly. Her tips and techniques were very helpful, and she provided us with useful feedback. After our training was complete, she was still available by phone or FaceTime to help answer additional questions or concerns we had. I highly recommend Dr Rivera for training, and we will certainly utilize her in the future!" - Kimberly Smith, NP

"I had a great training and visit at Glanz with Dr. Rivera! She spent the day guiding me on Botox treatment for my patients. Thank you for such a great experience. All my patients were so happy with their results!" - Dr. Gordon, DMD

"Dr Rivera came to Raleigh to train us at the Museum Spa, on our new Alma Lasers last year. The training was informative and covered many different treatments, with the best settings. We also had hands-on training which was so helpful! To this day Dr Rivera is supportive, and responsive to any questions we may have. Grateful for such good help and information!" - Joanne Riney, med aesthetician at the Museum Spa and Laser Center in Raleigh, NC

"We had the opportunity to train with Dr. Rivera for our BeautiFill device and also for our other 2 Laser devices. Me and my staff had a great experience! I felt confident while I was performing the BeautiFill procedure and was happy to have her as a backup for any questions. She was very informative and patient with me and my staff. She even took videos and pictures to help us with our social media content and gave us tips and pearls she has learned throughout the years to help us with our future patients. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that wants to learn more about any type of laser device and how to become more knowledgeable on laser combination therapy to achieve great results and elevate their practice. I will be calling her again when I hire new staff!" - Dr. Lalani and Staff

"We recently added Harmony XL Pro to our practice. Ensuring that our medical professionals develop an expertise in all of our services is crucial to the high standard of care that we strive for. Dr. Linette Rivera was exceptional in every way. She is an established provider who brought us invaluable information. Her approach to teaching is spot on. My team completed training feeling comfortable, confident and educated. Linette touched on every aspect of what our new machine can do, and with an approachable and reassuring personality, made learning fun and interesting. Dr Rivera has a passion for teaching, an abundance of knowledge regarding lasers, and is without question, a valuable asset to the ALMA family. Thank you, Linette, for helping to set up my staff, and practice, for great success to come." - Brandi Barden, NP; Owner- Infinite Wellness & Aesthetics